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Yahiko Myujin
Sweet! Gary's back! Hey, can we meet up and battle this weekend? I wanna see how our trainings been going! :D 

Also that one chic finally moved out of the shelter. She said she'll still stop by to help out, but she found another place to stay. Now it's just that stupid bat guy, and that one... thing... I think it's a girl... or is it a guy? I'm not sure...  and did that other bat guy move out already? Jeeze I can't keep track of anyone, I don't know how Kenshin does it. :\

((ooc: I think Raishinshi is still at the shelter.... ))
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Hey, Gary! Can we do some more training today?? I've got a new trick to show ya! :D
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Bleh, school was a boring this time as it was the first time. But I promised Kenshin i'd go so I've got no choice. maybe i can just go to sleep or something during the boring parts...
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GYA! I don't wanna see another couple kiss, or grop each other again! I don't care if 'I'm going to care in the future' I don't know and i dont' wanna see other people do it! >( The next couple i see are gonna get a good whap on the head with my shinai >( 
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... Shishio Makoto was here.

I missed the fight with him AGAIN!

GYAAA!! Why do I always miss the good stufff?!?!?!?!?!? >(
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Hey, I just saw Kenshin downtown. He like completely ignored me and looked really serious. I mean really serious his eyes were all slanty like and everything. So, anyone know what's up with that?

((Ooc: Yahiko's bad about looking at all stuff so he iddn't think to look down at previous posts. Someone please feel free to point shishio out ot him XD))
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Hey Gary, when do I get to fight with Bulbasure?? I think he's ready! :D
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Looks like it's a good thing I didn't go on that school trip. They said I was supposed to as part of my summer school, but I told them I couldn't leave my pet behind.

Speaking of witch, he's getting really strong! I can't wait to try him in a real battle!
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SWEET! Kenshin and I were eating out for once, and this huge fight erupted!! It's awesome!! 8D Now just to get Kenshin to show off a bit :D 
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I can't believe I got a pokemon! I've never took care of anything before, but it doesn't look too hard.  Hey, Gary, what was this thing called again?
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